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Someone already planned your dream vacation

Nomad is a travel community building the largest database of visual, detailed and customizable itineraries

Plan with ease

Imagine if planning your next trip was as simple as pulling in a hotel from a friend’s itinerary, a day plan from another, and a restaurant from a third...

Inspire, plan and share your next adventure with Nomad

A goldmine of information

  • The data is verified
  • Someone you know has been there
  • Activities have been enjoyed
  • Beds have been slept in
  • Budgets have been created (and ignored)

Modular Trips

See something you like from a friend’s itinerary? Save it for later and add it directly to your trip.

Connected Trip

Nomad itineraries help you organize your entire trip: transit, accommodations, rentals, activities, restaurants and anything in between.


Plan with your friends in real time with collaborative editing.

Option Tool

Deciding between a hotel, Airbnb or a hostel? Compare location and price for options of every aspect of your trip.


View and manipulate your itinerary next to a map or as a calendar-esque schedule.

Content Creators

We empower anyone to be a travel influencer; your itineraries and planning will drive your following, not just your photos..

Web Based

We know complex trips are often planned on your computer, not your phone (don’t worry we still have a mobile version).

Completely Free

Nomad is free to use and allows you to make money from your itineraries

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